About Us

At My Home Value, we are dedicated and well-experienced real estate experts who seek to empower and educate homeowners, buyers and sellers on the dynamics and processes of the real estate industry.

Our position as industry leaders and our extensive experience in the residential real estate industry has allowed us to identify the many damaging aspects of delaying home valuations. Homeowners believe that their house is their greatest investment, and an asset that will offer financial stability and protection in times of turmoil.


However, delaying home valuations or neglecting them altogether poses more harm than good because homeowners fail to realize the appreciation or depreciations that occur in the market value of their property over a period of time. If homeowners have access to this valuable information, they can undertake multiple measures to prevent depreciation and maintain their property in a manner that is befitting of one’s greatest asset.

Our website is designed to be a comprehensive and insightful resource on the subjects of home valuations, real estate market dynamics and statistics, the ups and downs in home valuations, factors that impact selling prices, and most importantly, the best strategy to examine the selling prices of properties across a neighborhood.


At My Home Value, we are dedicated to empowering and educating homeowners and sellers, amongst other real estate professionals, with an extensive database of expert advice, market research, secondary and statistical analysis, and articles that carry insightful advice and opinions on how you should conduct crucial activities to protect your assets.

Our vision is simple and clear: to empower and educate homeowners and help them become well-versed in the lengthy and often overwhelming processes of home valuations, selling prices and other mind-boggling aspects of residential real estate. We believe that this information is instrumental in assisting our clients and prospective clients gain greater control over their assets and their wealth generation strategies.

Benefits of Valuing your Home

At My Home Value, we strongly encourage our clients and prospective clients to undertake a home valuation in order to be fully aware of the sale prospects and market value of their house, regardless of whether they are planning to sell or not.

Home valuations are not directly associated with selling, and we offer a wide database of resources, research and articles to help you understand the importance and advantages of a home valuation, alongside other mind-boggling real estate concepts.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of valuing your home:


Selling Prospects

If you are planning to sell of your house in the near or extended future, it is absolutely crucial to know the market value of your house. This process will allow you to set a justifiable and profitable listing price, alongside ensuring that you can avoid making a loss on biggest asset.

Financing & Loans

Your property is one of the most attractive assets for loan programs, and backs and lenders are willing to allow you to take sizable loans, ranging up to 75-95% against your property. The value of your home will determine the size of your loan, the loan terms or even the chunk of mortgage you deserve.


Home Improvements

Understanding the market value of your house will help you avoid steady depreciation and help increase the market value with multiple home improvements. For instance, if your home value suggests that your house has the lowest value across the neighborhood, you can work towards steadily increasing this value by adding multiple renovations and improvements, such as an outdoor setting, a new paint job, kitchen renovations and more.


Remember, being unaware of the true market value of your home will only result in unexpected surprises when you decide to sell it off or enter the financing industry for a loan or renewed mortgage packages. If you want more information, feel free to browse through our website.